Evolution of Evolvers

Many believe that employment is all that you need to secure your life. However, we have a different take on it. We believe that there is much more that goes into finding, gaining and maintaining the right job and that is EMPLOYABILITY.

Recruiters often find it difficult to achieve a demand - ability fit ie; RIGHT JOB - RIGHT CANDIDATE FIT, as the employability graph is declining and is failing to meet the industry standards. This realisation became our food for thought and we started focusing on how to make a person job fit; because an improved employability bridges right jobs to right candidates thus resulting in improved work culture and successful business.


Need a job? Need an employee? We will help with the right fit.


Qualified and skilled, but couldn't find a job? We have solutions.


Learn throughout the career journey with a mentor.

Learn with Doers; Evolve with Masters

Who are We

We are a go-ahead career based organisation, a team of trailblazers, committed to bridging the gap between employment and employability and to make our candidates able to gain the right job and maintain their employment. Employability is based on three attributes- knowledge, skills and attitude. You have the knowledge and we aim at polishing the latter two attributes and connecting these three for a better result to help make you job-ready.

Our Philosophy

We, the Evolvers Placement Solutions believe that the job security lies in employability rather than, in the general idea of employment. At the same time, we uphold the presumption of the right job - the right candidate. Employability not only helps you to land on the right job but also helps the organization to be more productive and successful.

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