Our Team


Being the one who shed the light of employability and how the lack of it affects the candidates & businesses to the team, Vasudevan stays as the mentor of Evolvers Placement Solutions. With the vast experience of a 30+ year-long career as manager of administration and finance of various organizations from different fields, he is a knowledge hub. Managing the wholesale/retail, sales/service, education/healthcare industries etc helped him gain a wide range of experience.

Chief Executive Officer

During the 10+ years of his career, Ananthu has been involved in recruitment processes for over 7 years. His experience with diverse fields and industries helped him gain a lot of knowledge in the process. Being active in several NGOs promoting education as well as in the recruitment of companies, Ananthu realized the quality of candidates and started focusing on developing employability. He is also the Founder & CEO of The Evolvers Project and Co-Founder & COO of The Bridge Solutions.


A commerce graduate, Robin began his career as an accountant and then shifted to the sales department of Kitex group of companies as it was his area of interest. Later, he got promoted to the marketing department. He has more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations management. A proven marketing and client management professional, Robin is now focusing more on finance and accounts.



Sreeja, a two-time University rank holder is a learning enthusiast. She heads the learning department and deals with the training programs. Being an experienced educator, teacher and student counsellor, Sreeja focuses on developing the training programs and contents.


Manager - Operations

Princy has done MTech in Industrial Engineering and Management, however, her strong desire towards skill acquisition and competitive exams finally made her an Educational-Engineering and Management expert. Princy’s core strength is in learning and gaining knowledge. So, she focuses on designing training programs, developing contents and manages the overall operations.

Project Management Coordinator

Justy would be rather known as a public speaker or social volunteer or student motivator or a young politician, than a law student. Being someone who is socially active, she is a constant learner by experience. Her academic and practical experience makes her a successful contributor to the learning department and she manages the projects of EPS.

Creative Head

An architect by profession, Aravind is a born artist. He always focuses on developing original and unique creatives, let it be in architecture, interior designing, digital creatives, surreal arts or even marketing designs. Aravind heads the creative department at EPS.

Associate - Operations

Abhinanth is a Commerce graduation student, joined as a part of EPS due to his interest in the concept of Employability. Someone who wished to start learning by experience as early as possible, he works in the operational activities.

Intern - Learning

Anagha is a Literature graduate student. Her thirst for learning and dreams of goals to achieve led her to EPS. She is an active contributor to the learning department.