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Most of the employability skills are not career specific. They are transferable across jobs, organization and even across different career levels. Hence we cater our services to pan employment sectors, irrespective of your career path. Here are a bunch of comprehensive as well as discrete programs and services that we offer to equip you to be employed:

Placement Services

The Success Lemonade

The Success Lemonade is one of a kind practical employability program that helps candidates to be employable and get recruited. Apart from the interpersonal skills we talk about, The Success Lemonade focuses on practical skills. The program will communicate aspects like understanding of the recruitment process, what a recruiter wants and looks for, how an interview goes, how to perform a job once recruited, and so on. It will be a multi-mode session.

Jobs and Beyond

Jobs and Beyond is a service group on Whatsapp. It stands out as a value-added service that provides different information, tips and tricks, opportunities, activities etc., related to employment. Not just another group filled with job vacancy ads; we follow a time-table of contents. Respecting the privacy of women, we have a separate group created for and managed by ladies. 

New Age Resume

We help you stand out among other applicants with our New Age Resume. This premium service gives your old resume a makeover or even creates a fresh new resume in the LinkedIn user interface format. 

LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn is the ultimate personal branding platform and LinkedIn Makeover service helps build one. This service optimises and creates an impressive profile to get you discovered by the recruiters or clients.

Recruitment Services

The primary aim of a candidate is to get well placed in an industry of their choice and that of a recruiter is to hire a perfect candidate befitting their requirements. Through our placement service, we implement our unique model of the right job- right candidate, which is a win-win situation for both our prospects- companies and candidates.

For the companies: potential candidates, after being trained to be employable through our Employability Program, will be screened and also a detailed candidate report – ‘EPS Professional Report’- will be provided to the companies to make the hiring process easier.

For the candidates:– based on the qualification and employability factor, the candidate will be directed to/ approached by companies that they desire and deserve.

Resume Advice

It is always advisable to get your resume cross-checked or proofread. This service will help you for a final touchup and to get rid of even minute errors on your resume before heading it towards the recruiter. Approximately 70% of the employers say that the mistakes in resumes would cause them to reject a candidate before they have even finished reading it.

Resume Preparation

Not satisfied with your resume? We will create one for you that will stand out among other candidates. This premium service will provide you with a completely custom-tailored purpose-centric resume. Only a well-tailored resume can help you to promote to the next level of the recruitment process.

Interview Preparation

No, we won’t provide you with the ‘frequently-asked-interview-questions’ or won’t tell you what answer should be given for those question. We do conduct mock-interviews to make you understand what happens in an interview. It is not about what answer should be given, but it is all about how to answer. Mock-interviews are important as they help in anticipating potential questions and minimising apprehensions. This EPS service will help the candidates to champion the actual interview by making them familiar with different interview questions and interview etiquettes.

Employability Development

Recruiter's Eye

There is nothing better than learning from the other side. Recruiter’s Eye is a segment we provide to share the aspects of recruitment through the eyes of a recruiter. Right from the beginning of sending a job application to interview, you will get to know how a recruiter sees each activity. A video series on the Recruiter’s Eye is available on the YouTube channel. Customised sessions are also provided.  

Recruitment Circuit

Recruitment Circuit is a recruitment game for college students and freshers. The candidates will go through a mock recruitment process – from job application to selection. Every stage will be a knock-out stage and those who get selected will be the winners. A concluding session will explain the reasons for the rejection of other candidates – which will be a value addition for everyone.

Let's get Linked! - LinkedIn Program

LinkedIn is an effective tool in building one’s professional journey and we help you master this tool through our program Let’s Get Linked. This individual training program with pre-recorded sessions is designed to suit your convenience and also offers personal assistance for a week.

Employability Program

Employability is our prime focus. Being employable can reduce the risk of falling into unemployment. Through the six-day Employability Program, we will assist our candidates to formulate and refine their employment strategies to help them develop a relevant job-seeking approach based on their qualifications and skills acquired, thus creating a bunch of employable employees. 

Employability Program Crash Course

Through this, we bring to you a two-day crash course of the Employability Program encompassing all significant sections in a nutshell. It will include all critical domains that will help the candidates in their placement process and in professional life. 

Recruitment Training Program

This two-day job application- recruitment program will guide you through the major four steps to make you job-ready which includes:
* Drafting an out-and-out resume
* Preparing a complementing cover letter
* Job application procedure
* Mock-interview to ace the actual one.

Mentoring Programs

Evolution Series

Our mentors of Career Peedika are receiving numerous calls from students and parents and most of them end up asking for the details of institutions and courses. Here we realized the need and vacant space for an Edu-vlogger. Thus, the first edu-vlogging has been launched – Evolution Series – through our YouTube channel ‘The Evolvers Edu-Vlogs’. In this segment, we present to you different educational institutions, their facilities, infrastructure, campus, courses offered and their other add-on services and facilities.

Evolution Talks

This is a chat show with people from different sectors – especially those who chose different career paths – which may include professionals, students, and anyone who is evolving. Listening to the right person can lead many, who are confused, powerless, and caught. We strongly believe that everyone has an inspiring life, beautifully articulated with vibrant stories. Evolution Talks streams live on alternate Saturday evenings at 8.30 pm through our Instagram page, as well as the pre-recorded ones are uploaded on our YouTube channel. 

Career Peedika

One of a kind volunteer-based program where the prospect gets a chance to clarify any queries about their courses/career line. In this program, our volunteers from the respective fields will share their practical experience which will equip the prospects to make refined decisions on their career. The service will be available as a personal session over the phone, just for a specific field, as well as a two-time offline session for schools. Contact: 6238694509

Career Door Opener Program

An employability door opener program for high school students to empower them with professional skills at a very young age. This introductory training program will help the students to approach their academics in a career-oriented manner.

Mentorship Program

Isn’t it great to have a guiding force that will help you to reach your career goals? As one-year-long service, this pro-version of Career Peedika will have volunteers guiding the students on matters of academics and professional career.

General Aptitude Training

Being one of the tools used by the recruiters in recruitment procedure and also being one of the important sections in competitive exams, general aptitude has its own importance. This program covers the basic aptitude sections that are common to all exams. This will comprise quantitative/numerical aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability and data interpretation.

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